Tubular Felt Compactor

JKD Mersan Compactor, unique in its class, allows high production speed and optimal fabric quality. Besides, our magnetic stretcher, with two independent motors, opens the tubular fabric and ensures the desired width by over-feeding.
JKD605 Mersan Tubular fabric felt Compactor guarantees excellent shrinkage, thus improving the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics and ensuring an superb handle.

▪ J-Box photocell controllable

▪ Magnetic Stretcher is used to obtain the best desired width for the fabric. it specially designed to ensure no edgemarks on the both side of the fabric. In order to obtain requested compaction values it is ensured that fabric is damped with entry steaming unit

▪ Compacting Unit cylinders’ diameter 605mm with chrome coated and polished. The contact surface between the cylinder and compacting endless felt is 270 degrees. For this reason, the fixation process offers a very fast production and a very stabilized with control. Finally washing and drying tests, the fabric passing throught JKD 605, the dimensional stabilities is between 0-%5.

▪ Conveyor Belt and Cooling Unit the fabric is cooled on the conveyor belt of the fabric before it is being plaited. Withneutral electro static bars the fabric will neutralized automatically.

▪ Plaiter fabric will be plaited and folded fabric is taken out with band automatically.

▪ There is a Load-Cell system balancing the tension between the two main felt cylider.

▪ With JKD605 Mersan Compactor it is possible to use different kind of fabrics like cotton, cotton/polyester, lycra fabric of nylon mixtures manufactured with fibers with or without cotton thread, single jersey, pique, interlock fabric, two or three yarns, or other fabrics.

▪ After washing, dying, and drying the fabric, JKD605 will help you obtain the desired shrinkage value for the fabric with excellent hand and feel.

▪ As an option the roll winding unit can be added to exit of the machine.

HEATED DRUMS DIAMETER / WIDTH Ø 605 mm. / 1550 mm.
WORKING WIDTH 250-1200 mm. / At stretcher 1350 mm.
FELT SIZE 1520x3950x20 mm.
FELT (STEAM) %50 Nomex %50 Polyester
FELT (HOT OIL) %70 Nomex %30 Polyester
MAGNETIC STRETCHER & FEEDING Magnet system & %20 Fabric feeding
WORKING SPEED (Max.) 35 m/min
VOLTAGE 380-440V, 50-60 Hz
ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION Steam: 13 kW +/-5% – Hot Oil: 67 kW +/-5%
STEAM CONSUMPTION (Max.) Steam: 80-90 kg/h – Hot Oil: 50kg/h

JKD 605

Tubular Felt Compactor

JKDN 605

Tubular Felt Compactor + Dampening Unit (J-Box)

JKDN 605

Tubular Felt Compactor + Dampening Unit (Felt Out)